Research in Montana

Research in Your Backyard: Developing Cures, Creating Jobs - Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in Montana

Biopharmaceutical research companies are conducting or have conducted more than 800 clinical trials of new medicines in collaboration with the state’s clinical research centers and hospitals (1999 to present).

Of the more than 800 clinical trials, 469 target the nation’s six most debilitating chronic diseases — asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illnesses and stroke.

“The future of disease treatment depends entirely on the clinical trials process. Their aim is to get faster, better, more effective therapies to patients. As a patient advocate, I know these trials have the potential to mitigate and eventually eradicate the devastating impact of diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease. Patients and their families can hope to live longer and healthier lives because of research being conducted in Montana and around the world.” --Suzanne Belser, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Association, Montana Chapter