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Chart Pack: Biopharmaceuticals in Government Programs

Summer 2015

To download the full report, click here.

This chart pack features key facts about prescription medicines in four major government programs—Medicare, Medicaid, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the 340B program. Medicare insures many of the nation’s retirees and disabled persons and covers medicines primarily through Part D and B. Payments for medicines in Medicare Part D are negotiated by competing private health plans. Payments for medicines under Part B, which are generally injected or infused by a physician, are based on the average of prices negotiated by doctors and other purchasers. In contrast, Medicaid and the VA use price controls in providing drug coverage to low-income people and veterans, respectively. Information displayed here has been compiled from a variety of public and independent sources and is intended to serve as a useful guide in conversations about the value of biopharmaceuticals in government programs.