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Diversity and Equity are critical to the work we do.

Systematic racism is as real as any disease.

The biopharmaceutical industry is committed to driving real change and improving health outcomes for patients in underserved communities.

Our Continued Commitment to Industry Change

health equity

Health Equity

We’re working with policymakers stakeholders on policies that address social determinants of health and driving proactive research policies to expand data collection and improve health outcomes.

clinical trial diversity

Clinical Trial Diversity

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We’re committed to working toward clinical trials infrastructure that addresses health disparities and closes the gap in clinical trial diversity to better reflect the intended treatment population.

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We’re advocating for greater
understanding of the benefits of
growing the industry talent pool to
create census representation in entry
and mid-level hiring.

PhRMA Blog Articles on Equity

Systemic racism is as real as any disease and our industry is not immune
by Courtney Christian
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Systemic racism is as real as any disease and our industry is not immune
by Courtney Christian

As a physician scientist, I have dedicated my life’s work to creating healthier communities globally through drug development, advocacy, empowerment and engagement. Born in a rural, segregated Arkansas town of 18,000 people, many lived below the poverty line — both then and now — regardless of race...

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Addressing health inequities: Biopharmaceutical companies are rising to the occasion
by Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall

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PhRMA wil continue to advocate for equity within our industry
by Yolanda Hutchins

When I first started at PhRMA two and a half years ago, our organization was just starting to talk about how we could increase and activate our commitment to diversity & inclusion (D&I). As senior director of talent acquisition, some of my first tasks were to build an inhouse recruiting team and develop a D&I strategy for the organization…

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Three ways the pharmaceutical industry can positively impact health equity
by Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton

“Creating a trusted partnership between the biopharmaceutical industry and communities of color will not happen overnight. It will take a sustained commitment to establish meaningful relationships that move us from health disparity to health equity.

I urge you to follow the progress at PhRMA.org/Equity.”

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