Share the Savings

On average, biopharmaceutical companies rebate 40% of a medicine’s list price back to health insurance and pharmacy benefit managers, but these discounts are not reaching patients. If these discounts and coupons are available for insurance companies and other middlemen, then they also need to be available to patients at the pharmacy counter.

Make Coupons Count

Coupons that manufacturers provide for discounts on medicines should be allowed to count towards deductibles and cost-sharing burdens. Insurers should stop pushing for policies that block these coupons from reaching patients.

Offer Lower, More Predictable Cost-Sharing Options

Patients should have more choices when it comes to their medicine coverage. Spending on brand medicines is growing at the slowest rate in years, but insurers are using high deductibles, coinsurance and formulary tiers that result in patients paying more out of pocket at the pharmacy counter.

Cover Medicines from Day One

Insurers should cover some medicines from day one instead of making patients reach a high deductible before getting their medicines. This would provide relief to the patient and allow them to better distribute their medical expenses throughout the calendar year.