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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

As members of PhRMA, we believe improving human life means celebrating human diversity

Diversity Strategy

Astellas is working to promote diversity so that diverse individuals can play a role, irrespective of their identity. Respecting the diverse values of our employees and reflecting their various perspectives in our business activities not only heightens creativity in our organization, but also helps to attract and retain talented people as employees and enhances our competitiveness.

Celebrating Black History Month with the African American Employee Impact Group

At Astellas, raising awareness among employees of the many contributions of Black Americans to history and culture is a top priority for Black History Month in partnership with our African American Employee Impact Group (AAEIG). Among the AAEIG’s activities for this year’s Black History Month celebration is the Brown Bag Series, a series of lunch break conversations featuring Astellas leadership and external speakers that examines historic facts and current affairs to inform the future, including focusing on mental and financial wellness. In addition to Black History Month, the AAEIG puts on programming year-round, including driving regular conversations about how diversity is addressed across teams at Astellas, particularly at leadership levels.

Diversity in Action: Disabilities

The Astellas workplace environment is well equipped to accommodate employees with disabilities. Aside from establishing the Green Supply Support Office, Astellas employs the usage of speech-to-text applications to support employees with hearing impairments. We have also taken part in the Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE).

Environmental Sustainability:

As members of PhRMA, we believe a healthy environment is essential for improving human life
Astellas' initiatives improving Access to Health

Access to Health of Astellas

Astellas continues to contribute to the health of patients by researching, developing, and delivering innovative healthcare solutions to address diseases with high unmet medical needs. 

(1) Providing VALUE based on science
For patients who are unable to receive appropriate medical care for socioeconomic reasons, we have established a comprehensive Access to Medicine mechanism to enhance the availability of Astellas therapies while taking into consideration the situation and regulations in each country. 

(2) Access to Medicines
In addition, Astellas is tackling more diverse issues of Access to Health by collaborating with and supporting the activities of external partners while leveraging our capabilities and technologies. 

(3) Collaboration and support for the activities implemented by external partners to improve Access to Health.


Patient Access and Affordability for Astellas Medications in the U.S.

Improving access to medicines requires investment at all stages of the product lifecycle, from early planning and discovery through to clinical research, development and ultimately bringing the therapy to market. We are working to ensure our end-to-end access to medicines strategy influences where we are delivering our therapies. 

Astellas Pharma Support Solutions

Astellas Pharma Support Solutions offers access and reimbursement services to help patients and their healthcare providers overcome challenges to accessing Astellas products. The program provides information regarding patient healthcare coverage options and financial assistance programs to help patients with financial needs.

Astellas Pharma Support Solutions is designed as a single point of contact to help patients understand their coverage and reimbursement options when they are prescribed an Astellas medication.

The resource also may assist healthcare providers with navigating a patient’s insurance access and affordability issues through support with Benefits Verification, Prior Authorization, Billing and Coding, Forms and Documents, and patient financial assistance options. 

Access & Affordability:

As members of PhRMA, we believe that living our mission of improving human life relies on broad access to medicines


In response to the intersecting opioid and HCV epidemics, Gilead Sciences launched HepConnect, a five-year, multi-million-dollar initiative to help address the increase in HCV and support community partnerships in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.


Alkermes is proud to be part of the broader healthcare community supporting those with addiction, serious mental illness and cancer. In 2020 and 2021, we sponsored non-profit organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Partnership to End Addiction and the American Cancer Society while continuing to bring awareness to programs and initiatives of other organizations that work to improve the lives of persons affected by mental illness, substance use disorder and cancer.
By 2030, up to 70% of People with HIV will be over the age of 50.

HIV Age Positively

HIV Age Positively has awarded more than $17.6 million in grants to support 30 organizations — from healthcare organizations to advocacy groups working to address the interrelated challenges within the healthcare system and the general HIV community — addressing stigma, loneliness and better coordination of care.