In Common: See how the biopharmaceutical industry is working to defeat a common threat: COVID–19

Mireli, Site Head, Protein Sciences

Mireli works with a team of scientists to investigate vaccines that can help prevent a wide range of infectious diseases, including influenza, Ebola, Zika and, lately, COVID-19. In recent months, she has been part of an effort to utilize recombinant DNA technology to develop a type of vaccine known as a “recombinant vaccine.” These vaccines contain a small, inactive piece of a pathogen, usually a specific protein that the body can learn to recognize, and are currently used to help prevent diseases like hepatitis B and influenza.

Seeing the unprecedented amount of work taking place throughout the biopharmaceutical industry to end COVID-19, Mireli says she is confident that science will help us get back to normal.

Tonya, Global Head, COVID-19

Tonya has almost two decades of experience researching vaccines to help prevent infectious diseases. Each day, she works to advance potential candidates, relying on scientific, public health, strategic and operational experience to guide the drug development process and discover innovative solutions. Her diverse background as a researcher in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Africa helped develop a global perspective on the immense benefits vaccines offer to public health.

Tonya says that by relying on focus, dedication and extensive cross-sector collaboration, the biopharmaceutical industry’s efforts to combat COVID-19 have led to an unprecedented pace of progress against disease. 

Dana, Senior Associate Scientist

With more than a decade of laboratory experience, half researching new medicines, Dana specializes in a part of the development process that helps package the essential part of a treatment, known as the “active pharmaceutical ingredient,” into a drug product that is safe and effective for patients, such as a capsule, tablet, oral liquid. Recently, she’s been working to help develop a medicine that could potentially be used to treat patients with life-threatening cases of COVID-19. 

Her team members’ fighting spirit to pursue treatments for COVID-19 keeps her inspired each day, and the unprecedented pace of progress gives her hope that science will get us through this time of uncertainty.